What does TTH mean?

TTH is an internet abbreviation that stands for “Trying Too Hard”.

It occurs most commonly when you want to talk to your crush about and interesting topic, but you can’t find any that would suffice, so the conversation ends with an awful silence and an “Anyway, got to go, see you soon.”

It is mostly encountered in text messages and chatrooms, but attentive ears may capture it on the streets from the mouth of a live human specimen.


What's the origin of TTH?

Like most internet acronyms, “tth” was most likely conceived in the late 90’s or early 2000’s when SMS and text messaging started to spread.

The first Urban Dictionary entry on the abbreviation was added in 2007, with several other definitions being written in the following decade.

Spread & Usage

How did TTH spread?

As the internet got a bigger and bigger army of users, so did the expression.

The number of it appearing grew in the 2010’s, with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram becoming the new channel of communication, embraced by most people.

Similar to “OMG” it got adopted into real life conversations by bitchy upper-middle class girls and those stuck in the sticky webs of the internet.

External resources

  • Urban Dictionary – TTH

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