What does WB mean?

WB is a widely used internet acronym, used for shortening multiple phrases, depending on the context.

The most common sense of the acronym is “Welcome Back”.

It may also be used for inquiring about matters, abbreviating the phrase “What About”.

The acronym is widely embraced by the incel community online to signify the phrase “Would Bang”, used for describing someone as physically attractive.

“WB” may also refer to the “World Bank”.


What's the origin of WB?

The exact origin of the acronym is not known, although it started emerging in chatrooms and forums in the 1990’s.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with lots of entries to follow.

Spread & Usage

How did WB spread?

The phrase would become popularized at the turn of the 2010’s, as the incel community would start expanding online.

“WB” or “would bang” became an insider meme of the community, used both ironically and seriously to express if someone is sexually desirable.

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