What does PepeLaugh mean?

Pepe Laugh is a emote that mirrors the FeelsGoodMan style, originating from Pepe the Frog. This reaction image serves as an expression of sudden laughter or anticipation in some cases where it includes “Here it comes” thanks to Forsen, a popular streamer on whose viewers created this variant.

The family of FeelsGoodMan variant emotes comprises PepeHands, Pepega, PeplPls, PepJAM, monkaS, and monkaW along with their patriarchal figures, FeelsBadman and his opposite, FeelsGoodMan.


pepeLaugh (Redrawn by Keglo)


What's the origin of PepeLaugh?

The precise origins of the emote remains shrouded in mystery, however, on August 13th, 2014, a Pepe illustration made its debut appearance in a thread on 4chan’s /pol/ board.

Subsequently, on November 14th, 2015 – much to the delight of meme enthusiasts everywhere – this iconic image was added into the FrankerFaceZ database.

Spread & Usage

How did PepeLaugh spread?

The emote is an essential component of many streams that are aired on, but it seems to have found its true calling on Forsen’s channel.

Fast-forward to February of last year, and you’ll find that over an impressive tally exceeding more than thirteen hundred channels have adopted “PepeLaugh” as their go-to emoticon within BetterTTV database!

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