What does Pepega mean?

Pepega is a popular emote, that was created by accident.

This particular emote showcases an altered version of FeelsGoodMan, featuring none other than the infamous amphibian character known as Pepe the Frog.

In modern times, this emoticon has found its niche on where it serves to express one’s own foolishness or even worse – used derogatorily towards those with intellectual disabilities.

“Pepega” belongs to a family of variant emojis associated with our beloved green-skinned friend:



What's the origin of Pepega?

In 2018, an amusing mishap occurred on the Discord messaging platform when a user inadvertently misspelled the command for an emote while trying to contribute to a conversation. This led other users to hilariously spam the term “Pepega”, eventually inspiring that same user to create what is now recognized as its official version.

The aftermath of this blunder resulted in a one-of-a-kind emote being added later that year onto FrankerFaceZ extension – which serves as an enhancement tool for streaming website.

Spread & Usage

How did Pepega spread?

As of the 12th day of October in the year 2019, Pepega has secured its spot as number forty-seven on StreamElements‘ prestigious top one hundred most frequently used emotes list.

This particular emoticon is a hot commodity amongst viewers tuning into‘s daily broadcasts by none other than Forsen – an esteemed streamer who can be credited for bringing this quirky expression to mainstream attention.

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