What does Pogey mean?

Pogey is a FrankenFaceZ extension Twitch emote used as a reaction to express surprise and excitement. The original emote was created from the image of Ryan Gutierrez a.k.a. Gootecks.

Pogey was submitted to FrankenFaceZ by Alorg and is a popular version of PogChamp. Gootecks is a popular source for emotes, others also originate from the same video, like PogU and its modified version; PogYou, with a hand photoshopped next to the video game personality’s head.



What's the origin of Pogey?

The material for these emotes come from the 2010 Cross Counter TV blooper video, titled “PogChamp Original Video” with Gootecks and Mike Ross being the source of entertainment.

In one moment, the cameraman stumbles off camera and Gootecks’ unique reaction became the highlight of the reel.

While PogChamp was created from Gootecks’ expression, already in 2012, and a few years later FrankenFaceZ user Alorg had submitted the dude’s face from the YouTube thumbnail, with a distorted face; enlarged eyes and mouth without a nose, making the already funny face hilarious and almost alien like.

Spread & Usage

How did Pogey spread?

The emote is mainly seen on Twitch, used by the community to convey feelings of excitement.

While it is still not as popular as the original PogChamp, it enjoys a good deal of appreciation with nearly 6000 uses as of April, 2020.

External resources

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