What does PogYou mean?

PogYou is a FrankerFaceZ extension Twitch emote, derived from the original PogU emote on the streaming site.

It is the accusative edition of the original one, with the only difference being that there is a hand pointing at the viewer photoshopped next to Gootecks’ enthusiastic face.



What's the origin of PogYou?

Like PogU, PogYou’s birth can be traced back to the original PogChamp video, which has been a source from Twitch TV emotes.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2010 and eight years later PogU was added to the library of the emotes of the streaming site.

PogYou was also uploaded in 2018 by FrankerFaceZ user likopo.

Spread & Usage

How did PogYou spread?

Gootecks’ face makes the emote easily recognizable, thus it has been used by a crowd, though it hasn’t been nearly as popular as the original one.

As on 2020 it has been seen in over 6000 sets; a relatively small number, considering the amounts of sets embracing the more popular emotes of the platform.

Despite this, there are several sightings of PogYou, mainly thanks to the recognizable internet personae depicted.

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