What does WeirdChamp mean?

WeirdChamp is a unique emote, based on pro gamer and live stream commentator Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, added to the website as part of the FrankerFaceZ collection.

The emote shows Gootecks with a disappointed expression on his face. The emote is used on  to express disbelief or disappointment, but can also be used in other ways.

“WeirdChamp” is part of the PogChamp variants, which all feature a facial expression of the gamer as following:

  • PogChamp
  • Champ
  • OkayChamp
  • PainsChamp

Other Gootecks emotes include:

These emotes are all very versatile, and can be used in a variety of situations, especially in gaming and streams. Whether you’re feeling disappointed, shocked, or just need a good laugh, these emotes are perfect, both as reaction images, emotes as well as other types of memes.



What's the origin of WeirdChamp?

The source of the original image was one of the videos of Gootecks himself, where at some point he makes the weird face. A screen capture of the grimace was then shared by a Reddit user on July 2nd, 2018 on the r/forsen subreddit. Soon enough it became an emote and was added to FrankerFaceZ in mid-2018.

“WeirdChamp” was soon widely accepted as a reaction to something that is confusing or surprising. Many people have interpreted it as being a reflection of disbelief or surprise – often with comedic effect, and began to use the emote accordingly in the Twitch chat.

Spread & Usage

How did WeirdChamp spread?

“WeirdChamp” turned into one of the most popular emotes on Twitch, with a large number of variations also appearing on the streaming platform.

The “WeirdChamp” emote is also heavily associated with the Canadian streamer xQc, also known as xQcOW. It became popular due to his streams and content, prompting users to spam the emote in the Twitch chat of the streamer, as well as the r/xQcOW subreddit. According to StreamElements, “WeirdChamp” is currently ranked 12th in popularity among Twitch emotes as of October 12th 2019.

Since its inception, variations of “WeirdChamp” have been created and used across multiple streaming platforms. Despite its many adaptations, the original meaning of this emote remains intact – signifying surprise or shock when something unexpected happens.
One of these iterations of the emote is based on the original Pepe the Frog emote.

Overall, “WeirdChamp” is a popular emote on Twitch that has been around for years now and continues to be used by many in their streams today. With its unique expression and origin story, it’s no wonder why this emote has become one of the top-ranking emotes on Twitch in such a short amount of time!

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