Bad Luck Brian


What does Bad Luck Brian mean?

Bad Luck Brian‌ is a popular​ internet meme ⁢that ⁢humorously represents a character who constantly encounters unfortunate ​and awkward situations‍ in his daily⁣ life.

The​ meme is characterized by a ‍photograph‍ of⁣ a young man ⁣named Kyle Craven, who was ‌immortalized as “Bad Luck‌ Brian” in 2012. Brian’s comically unfortunate experiences have‍ made him a‍ relatable figure⁢ on the internet, providing endless entertainment for meme lovers worldwide.

Example: Bad Luck⁢ Brian receives a gift card for his favorite restaurant, ‌but the restaurant shuts down‌ the day before he plans ‌to use it.

Bad Luck Brian


What's the origin of Bad Luck Brian?

The “Bad Luck Brian” meme originated from a high school yearbook photo of ​Kyle Craven, taken in ⁢2006. ​The​ photo showcases Kyle’s unimpressed expression, complete with a goofy smile and disheveled hair, he arranged intentionally, to create a funny photo.

This image was⁢ later uploaded to ⁣Reddit’s r/AdviceAnimals sub by Ian Davies, a friend of Kyle in 2012, where it quickly gained popularity and became the⁤ cornerstone for ⁢the “Bad Luck Brian” meme. The meme took on like wildfire and spread across the web, to sites like 9GAG, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The relatable nature of the character, paired with clever captions, propelled the meme’s popularity. Users started creating their ‌own captions to describe Brian’s misfortunes, sharing⁤ them on⁣ social media and⁢ inspiring others to do the same.

Spread & Usage

How did Bad Luck Brian spread?

3.1 Internet Phenomenon

Due to its humorous nature, the ​”Bad⁤ Luck⁤ Brian” meme quickly became a viral sensation. ⁤It gained⁣ significant traction in the online community, leading to countless variations and⁣ spin-offs. Brian’s misadventures ⁣spread like wildfire as people from all‌ walks⁤ of life related to⁢ his ‍mishaps, making him an internet icon. It⁢ is safe to say that‍ “Bad Luck Brian’s” image has become ingrained in internet culture, being used to depict moments of perpetual misfortune.

3.2 Cultural Impact

The meme’s influence extended beyond the realms of⁣ the internet, with the character making appearances on TV shows, merchandise, and even​ advertising ‍campaigns. “Bad Luck Brian” has‌ become synonymous with bad luck itself, as people use it to express their own tales of misfortune or simply to bring a smile to others’ faces. The meme’s ⁣wide-ranging popularity is a testament to the universal appeal ‌of self-deprecating humor and the power of relatable content in the digital age.

Despite being a magnet for unfortunate situations, “Bad Luck Brian” has brought ⁢joy⁤ and laughter to countless internet users. Whether we see ourselves reflected in his constant misfortunes or simply appreciate⁤ the hilarity of his predicaments, the meme ⁢continues ⁣to thrive, reminding us to embrace life’s ⁣ups and downs with a sense of⁣ humor.

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