But Wait, There’s More


What does But Wait, There’s More mean?

But wait, there’s more is one of the most iconic lines, known from infomercials, overwhelming viewers with the multitudes of functions, a product may provide.

Online, the catchphrase is often paired with image macros of Billy Mays who is closely associated with it.

“But wait, there’s more” became a widely recognized part of pop culture with countless references in movies and music occurring, including the Would You Like To Know More exploitable, which spawned the Desire to Know More Intensifies reaction GIF series.


What's the origin of But Wait, There’s More?

While the exact origin of the sales pitch is not known, “But wait, there’s more” can be linked to the pioneers of direct response marketing, Ron Popeil who used the phrase as early as the 1960’s.

Over the years, it got engrained in American and later Western culture, with most people being familiar with the line, which was even referenced in movies, like the 2000 flick, Scary Movie.

A few references already appeared online in the 2000’s, especially on 4chan, due to the popularity of Billy Mays.

“But wait, there’s more” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2010.

Spread & Usage

How did But Wait, There’s More spread?

The popularity of the line “But wait, there’s more” skyrocketed following the start of the TV series PitchMen, which was originally named “But wait… There’s More” featuring Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan.

Image macro memes, containing the catchphrase started emerging online in 2012, featuring a screen capture of Billy Mays from the series.

“But wait, there’s more” became a defining meme format of the 2010’s, appearing on almost all sites, ranging from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to 4chan, Reddit and 9GAG.

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