Oh Lawd He Comin


What does Oh Lawd He Comin mean?

Oh Lawd He Comin refers to the adorable sight of a chubby pet running towards you. The term is often used to describe the joy and excitement we feel when we see our pets in motion, regardless of their size. It’s a fun way to celebrate our furry friends, and the internet has embraced it wholeheartedly.

In fact, the popularity of “Oh Lawd He Comin” has spawned a whole new category of memes centered around chubby animals. The terms Chonk and Chonky have also become a popular descriptor for fat and cute animals, particularly cats. There are even scales and charts dedicated to measuring a cat’s Chonk level!

Chonk Chart for cats


What's the origin of Oh Lawd He Comin?

While the 2010s has already shown an increased interest in photos and content of obese pets, the origins of the “Oh Lawd He Comin” meme can be traced to 2018, when an image macro was posted in the Facebook group called THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y.

The Chonk Chart, a photoshopped version of a housecat body fat-risk chart, featured a level, called “Oh Lawd He Comin” standing at the most obese body type.

From there, the meme took off, and it’s now an internet classic. You can find it in various forms; from GIFs to scale charts, “Oh Lawd He Comin” has become the go-to phrase for describing a big and chunky animal, apart from a derivate of the meme; Chonk.

Spread & Usage

How did Oh Lawd He Comin spread?

The Chonk Chart quickly went viral on social media platforms and was shared widely, leading to the creation of subreddits like r/chonkers in September, 2018.

Soon enough, everyone was using the phrase “Oh Lawd He Comin” to describe any cat that was a little on the hefty side. The meme even spawned countless GIFs and videos, adding to its popularity.

Today, the phrase has become a part of internet culture and is used in a variety of contexts beyond just cats, although it is especially used to pets, that are an Absolute Unit.

“Oh Lawd He Comin” is a meme, that carries a lot of emotions, ideas and associations in one sentence, which contributes to its widespread popularity on the internet. Its versatility and expressive nature will surely render it an eternal classic.

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