Cursed Cat


What does Cursed Cat mean?

Cursed Cat is a haunting and humorous image that has taken the internet by storm.

It is  a photoshopped picture of a black cat crossing the road and is portrayed as a biped with tails growing out of its legs and its eyes are glowing in an evil green color.

Initially the meme comes from a Russian internet meme trend, called “ъеъ”.

“Cursed cat” spread onto Reddit in 2018, leading to the wider recognition of the meme.


Cursed cat


What's the origin of Cursed Cat?

The “Cursed Cat” meme originated in Russia where it was embraced as part of a trend called “ъеъ”.

The original material for the photoshopped image was captured by Christopher Furlong in 2008 in the UK, when he took a picture of a black cat crossing the road at the site of a fatal shooting in Derby.

This image was later uploaded to Getty Images where it was accessible for everyone.

It was used in several articles and blog posts before an unknown user photoshopped it into its current form in 2018.

The first instance of the “Cursed Cat” meme on the internet was uploaded to Twitter by user @pinchenic in late 2018, following which it was next seen in the Facebook group Cursed Images.

There it had amassed no less than 420 likes, which is Noice.

The meme continued to gain popularity in the Eastern hemisphere, where it was adopted by Russian internet users who called it ъуъ съука.

Spread & Usage

How did Cursed Cat spread?

In 2018, the “Cursed Cat” meme made its way to Reddit and quickly spread across the platform, leading to its widespread popularity on the internet.

The r/cursedcats subreddit was created on August 4th, 2018, collecting a vast array of “Cursed Cat” photoshop edits.

The meme has been used in various forms of humor, from memes to GIFs, and continues to be a popular trend among internet users today, with a wide variety of posts and images depicting unearthly felines around us.

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