Cursed Cat


What does Cursed Cat mean?

Cursed Cat is a photoshopped image of a black cat, crossing a road.

It is portrayed as a biped, with tails growing out of its legs and its eyes are growing in an evil tone of green.

Initially the meme was used as an image macro by Russian surfers of the web, as they were having a trend called “ъеъ”.

It had spread onto Reddit in 2019, leading to the spread of the Cursed Cat.

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What's the origin of Cursed Cat?

The original material for the photoshopped image comes from Getty Images in 2008, when Christopher Furlong had taken a picture of a black feline crossing the road at the site of a fatal shooting in Derby, UK.

In the years after that, the image had seen several uses and had appeared in articles as well as blog posts.

The cat got “cursed” in 2018, when an unknown user had photoshopped it to its currently known form.

Its first instance on the internet got uploaded to Twitter by user @pinchenic in late 2018, following which it was next seen in the Facebook group Cursed Images. There it had amassed no less than 420 likes, which is nice.

Spread & Usage

How did Cursed Cat spread?

The meme had started to gain popularity on the Eastern hemisphere, by the Russian internet dwellers who embraced the photoshopped cat in their ъеъ trend and called it ъуъ съука.

Soon, Reddit had caught up with the trend and the Cursed Cat meme got posted into the /r/subreddit, from where it had spread far and wide.

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