Hooman meaning


What does Hooman meaning mean?

Hooman is a slang term derived from “human,” which is often used by pet owners to refer to themselves or other people in a cute or endearing way.

It is most commonly found in social media posts or conversations pertaining to animals, particularly online pet communities. This term often conveys a sense of affection or adoration between pet owners and their Chonky companions, and it is considered to be an affectionate way of referring to themselves. At its core, it is simply a shorthand way of referring to ourselves or others as human beings, and in particular, humans who love and care for animals.



What's the origin of Hooman meaning?

“Hooman” has been appearing online since the start of the 2010s, and it is a product of Doggo Lingo, the same online language that gave us Doge and Chonk.

The meme has been mostly encountered in image macro memes, depciting pets with captions, imaginging what they would talk like.

Thanks to the eternal veneration of pets on the internet, the expression “Hooman” has come a long way, still popular on social media platforms, ten years after its conception.

Spread & Usage

How did Hooman meaning spread?

The classical golden age of memes, where millennials ruled 9GAG with their uncanny humor led to the rapid rise in popularity for the “Hooman” meme.

Image macros have been consistently emerging on meme sites and social media platforms ever since. “Hooman” is the most popular on social media sites like Tumblr, Imgur, Facebook and YouTube, although it can be encountered on countless other sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, 9GAG and even TikTok.

“Hooman” is a literal evergreen in terms of memes, something that is rarely achieved in the tumult of the internet.

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