It’s Time to Stop


What does It’s Time to Stop mean?

It’s time to stop refers to a popular catchphrase, originating from YouTuber Filthy Frank.

The exploitable video where Frank is screaming with a giant clock over a greenscreen is widely used online in remixes, as well as reaction image macros and GIFs, in a similar fashion to the Stop It, Get Some Help meme.

STOP looking, this is meme of the decade


What's the origin of It’s Time to Stop?

Filthy Frank first uploaded the video, titled “it’s time to stop” to his secondary channel, TooDamnFilthy on December 24th, 2015, upon the requests of his fans that he upload greenscreen content for exploitable use.

By the next day, remixes containing the shot had already been uploaded to YouTube, starting a long-lasting trend.

Spread & Usage

How did It’s Time to Stop spread?

In the upcoming years, “it’s time to stop” became one of the most iconic and widely recognized memes, appearing in a plethora of content on YouTube as well as other websites, like Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and 9GAG, just to mention the biggest ones.

The meme would come in various forms, the most popular being video remixes using the greenscreen background, however, exploitable image macros and GIFs are also common.

It’s a meme of all trades, solving multiple problems at once like Multi Track Drifting.

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