Me and Who?


What does Me and Who? mean?

Me and Who? is the catchphrase of a popular meme format, that depicts couples in a highly erotic or a wholesome scenario, paired with the question.

The meme is mostly used as a way of hornyposting, although it can also express the lack of a desired relationship dynamic, similar to the This Could Be Us and Unlessformats.

“Me and Who?” is a popular way of expressing the lack of a fulfilling intimate relationship, frequently revolving around a sexual interpretation, paired with highly erotic photos. This makes the meme a sort of reverse Thirst Trap.

me and who?


What's the origin of Me and Who??

Althoguh the exact origins of the “Me and Who?” meme are not known, it can be traced back to March 2020. At the time, the format was exclusively used as a hornyposting template, featuring revealing and highly erotic images.

One of the earliest posts, containing the “Me and Who?” catchphrase can be traced back to Twitter user @ghostgrlkat, who shared a meme with the question on March 20th, 2020.

In the following months, some more posts were sporadically shared on Twitter, with some going viral, however, the meme was still not yet established, only limited to a few creators on Twitter.

Spread & Usage

How did Me and Who? spread?

Although the “Me and Who?” meme didn’t turn viral overnight, some successful posts still rose in 2020, with increasingly humorous and wholesome variations turning up, replacing the original hornyposts.

The true success, however, came in 2021, when the popularity of the template rose significantly on Twitter, swarming the site with a plethora of image macros, as well as digital art – both SFW and NSFW.

In the following years, the success of “Me and Who?” kept growing steadily, with newer and newer posts appearing online every day. Although Twitter remained the main platform for the meme, it also began appearing on a variety of different sites, including Reddit, Instagram and even Pinterest.

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