Mom, Get the Camera!


What does Mom, Get the Camera! mean?

Mom, get the camera! refers to a memorable exclamation made by a player at the end of an online Call of Duty match.

Another popular Epic Gamer Moment linked to Call of Duty is Oh Baby, a Triple.

Online, the “Mom, get the camera!” clip is used in YouTube parody videos as well as montages focused on the topic of how to Get rekt.


What's the origin of Mom, Get the Camera!?

The original video, containing footage of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online gameplay was uploaded to YouTube by BrightonsBigDay on June 29th, 2011.

It depicts player C8 Swap perform a highly unlikely knife-thrown headshot, to which he reacts with screaming and shouting the phrase “Mom, get the camera!”.

Spread & Usage

How did Mom, Get the Camera! spread?

The video was receiving growing traffic in 2011 and the first remixes and parodies featuring “Mom, get the camera!” started appearing on YouTube in February 2012.

In the following years, reaction footage, parodies as well as montages, containing the emblematic phrase remained popular on the web, appearing outside of YouTube on websites like Tumblr, Facebook and TikTok.

Starting in 2020, more and more rumors emerged online, concerning the supposed death of the “Mom, get the camera kid” which spread on Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok.

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