No Take Only Throw


What does No Take Only Throw mean?

No Take Only Throw is a three panel webcomic, depicting a dog holding a ball in its mouth, asking its owner to throw the ball. When the owner reaches out to take it out of the dog’s mouth, the Doge responds with furrowed eyebrows, saying “No Take Only Throw”.

The comic is used online as an exploitable meme series, with the dog often being replaced by other characters making conflicting demands.

Dog Logic


What's the origin of No Take Only Throw?

The original edition of the webcomic was uploaded to Tumblr by cupcakelogic on July 18th, 2015, amassing a lot of recognition on the site.

Within a few months, a real life depiction of the comic was uploaded to Imgur, depicting a real dog, paired with the conflicting sentences.

Spread & Usage

How did No Take Only Throw spread?

In later years, the “No Take Only Throw” format would see recurring uses on sites like Tumblr, Imgur, Twitter, as well as Facebook, Instagram and 9GAG, with numerous characters replacing the original dog on the comic.

The meme remained a popular series in until the end of the 2010s, appearing on a wide variety of sites, focusing on the Chonky companions of man. People also stayed true to the exploitable use of the format, creating several creative variants of the meme over the years.

“No Take Only Throw” also turned into an iconic meme in the Furry community online, with many people displaying their Fursonas on the meme.

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