Teleports Behind You


What does Teleports Behind You mean?

Teleports Behind You is a popular internet meme that originated from anime and gaming communities. It is used humorously ‌to describe a character’s sneaky and unexpected entrance from behind, ‍often ⁢resulting in surprise or shock to ‍another character. The ‌phrase has become a ⁢lighthearted⁢ way to mock⁤ the ‍overused cliché in action ⁣sequences, where the hero seems to magically appear behind their opponent.

It is frequently paired with the Nothing Personal, Kid copypasta, which originates from the Coldsteel the Hedgehog meme. “Teleports Behind You” is mostly associated with Otakus and Weebs, as their Anime Glasses light up, before proceeding to tell you Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru.

Example: Imagine a scene where the villain is confidently monologuing to ⁤the hero, only for the hero to teleport behind them and​ say, “Nothing personal, kid.” This catchphrase is often associated with the Teleports Behind You meme.

*Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personal, Kid 


What's the origin of Teleports Behind You?

The origins of the “Teleports Behind You” meme can be traced back to anime and video games. In both mediums, it is not uncommon for characters to possess teleportation abilities that defy ​the laws of physics. This trope has been repeatedly used in various fight scenes, becoming a popular meme due to ⁢its predictability and exaggerated nature. Popular examples come from the “Dragon Ball” series, as well as “Bleach”.

The first image macro, to use the captions “Teleports Behind You” was uploaded to the Facebook page Bork Bork You are Doing Me A Frighten on September 30th, 2016, paired with the Nothing Personal, Kid copypasta. A popular parody video with the copypasta was uploaded to YouTube by Colin Harding on October 3rd, 2016.


Spread & Usage

How did Teleports Behind You spread?

The “Teleports Behind You” meme quickly spread across various online platforms, including fan communities, gaming forums, and ​social media. It transcended language barriers, with fans from different countries embracing the meme and creating their own ‌versions. By November 2016, it has grown popular on sites like Reddit and 4chan, getting associated with Neckbeards and people posting Weeb clichés like I Studied the Blade.

On platforms ‍like YouTube, numerous compilations and remixes of the “Teleports Behind ⁤You” meme emerged, showcasing memorable scenes from various anime, video games, and even live-action ‍movies. These videos further popularized the meme ⁤and added ‌to its comedic​ appeal.

The flexibility and versatility of⁢ the “Teleports Behind You” meme allowed it to be adapted to different contexts. From unexpected entrances in‌ real-life situations to humorous edits‍ of famous movie scenes, the meme ⁢continues to evolve and find new⁤ ways ‌to entertain.

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