Teleports Behind You


What does Teleports Behind You mean?

Teleports behind you refers to a popular copypasta phrase, often paired with the line “Nothing personal kid” originating from the Coldsteel The Hedgehog meme.

The copypasta is mostly associated with otakus and weebs, as their Anime Glasses light up, before proceeding to tell you Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru.

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What's the origin of Teleports Behind You?

“Teleports behind you” has been an active concept inside the mind of anime and manga fans since the rapid movement technique of the Dragon Ball series, as well as Bleach.

The first image macro, to use the captions “Teleports behind you” was uploaded to the Facebook page Bork Bork You are Doing Me A Frighten on September 30th, 2016.

A popular parody video with the copypasta was uploaded to YouTube by Colin Harding on October 3rd, 2016.

Spread & Usage

How did Teleports Behind You spread?

By November 2016, the “Teleports behind you” meme has grown popular on sites like Reddit and 4chan, getting associated with Neckbeards and people posting Weeb clichés like I Studied the Blade.

The meme reached its peak of popularity in February 2017, as numerous parody videos as well as image macro memes had been uploaded to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, 4chan as well as 9GAG, iFunny and FunnyJunk.

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