Pedro Pascal Crying


What does Pedro Pascal Crying mean?

Pedro Pascal Crying, also known as Pedro Pascal Laughing Then Crying is one of the most popular Pedro Pascal Memes. It is highly reminiscent of the Crying Behind Mask meme.

The meme itself comes from a 2020 video, which depicts the actor laughing hysterically, then proceeding to break down in tears. It became viral in 2021, used as a reaction video in association with sad and devastating events and news, mostly appearing on TikTok and Instagram.

It is also frequently paired with “Space Song”, performed by Beach House on TikTok, which made both the sound and the video a popular trend on the platform. Alternatively, “Pedro Pascal Crying” may also be encountered as a reaction image macro and GIF on various social media sites, such as Facebook and Reddit, however the clip is also prominent on YouTube.


What's the origin of Pedro Pascal Crying?

The “Pedro Pascal Crying” meme originates from the virtual reading of the play “I, My Ruination, performed by Pedro Pascal, Paul Giamatti and several other actors for the Cape Cod Theater Project‘s 2020 Benefit Reading Series in July 2020.

At one point in the reading, Pascal is seen performing passionately, as he exclaims with a hysterical laughter, which turns into a desperate breakdown. The moment was first used as a meme on December 1st, 2020, when YouTube user Big House shared a video, titled pedro pascal crying“, pairing the scene with Gut’s Theme” from the soundtrack of the anime series Berzerk.

The full version of the reading was uploaded to YouTube on March 25th, 2021, by user Encarni Pascal.


Spread & Usage

How did Pedro Pascal Crying spread?

The “Pedro Pascal Crying” meme began spreading on TikTok in April 2021, paired with the song of Beach House, titled “Space Song.” The memes, featuring the actor’s emotional scene were mostly used as a reaction video, paired with montages of popular cartoons and anime series, that begin happily, only to end on a bittersweet note.

The format spread rapidly across TikTok, with more and more users expressing their despair through it. By May 2021, the template had already established itself as one of the most recognizable memes on TikTok, while also making appearances elsewhere on the internet.

Despite its age, the “Pedro Pascal Crying” meme is still popular today, although TikTok has largely moved on with the trend. Instead, the format is rampant on YouTube videos, as a reaction meme, while it may also be encountered on other social media sites like Reddit, Twitter and Instagram.

Since the footage was shot with a webcam, countless questions arose online, as to why Pascal was crying, assuming, the artist was making a sincere announcement, and ended up breaking down in tears. This, however is a testament to the awe-inspiring skill of the actor, who made his emotions look so true and natural.

All in all, the “Pedro Pascal Crying” meme is a perfect example of how good acting can serve as an effective tool of expressing the emotions of countless groups online, through its use as a reaction meme.

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