Pepperidge Farm Remembers


What does Pepperidge Farm Remembers mean?

Pepperidge Farm remembers refers to a popular image macro series, taken from Family Guy, inspired by the tagline of the commercial bakery.

The meme is used for expressing nostalgia, reminiscing about old practices and trivia.

Pepperidge Farm Remembers


What's the origin of Pepperidge Farm Remembers?

The slogan “Pepperidge Farm remembers” originates from the early 1980’s, when a TV commercial of the bakery depicted an old man, recollecting his thoughts about his grandma’s raisin bread, stating in the end that “Pepperidge Farm remembers”.

It was reintroduced in the lives of people in 2006, when Family Guy aired its Season 5 Episode 3 chapter, titled “Hell Comes to Quahog”.

Spread & Usage

How did Pepperidge Farm Remembers spread?

On June 4th, 2012, a post was submitted to the r/funny subreddit of Reddit, depicting a screenshot of a YouTube comment, reminiscing about ad-free YouTube.

Within two days, the “Pepperidge Farm Remembers” Tumblr blog was launched, with the first image macros appearing there.

These were originally combined with the logo of the bakery, rather than the screenshot from Family Guy, which format emerged in August, 2012.

Over the years, “Pepperidge Farm remembers” became a popular meme on sites like Reddit, Tumlbr, Facebook as well as 9GAG.

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