Poop dealer


What does Poop dealer mean?

A poop dealer is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a guy who deals poop.

This is not your average downtown homie dealer. Instead of giving you molly, an 8 ball or some Mary Jay, what you get is your money’s worth of excrements.

The “poop dealer” may also offer farts, diarrhea and vomit, and their price depends on who you buy it from.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, for some), “poop dealers” rarely exist in real life.

The “poop dealer” is a figure found on shitposting memes, often accompanied by a catchphrase, or sometimes hypothetical poop prices.

These “poop dealers” are depicted in scenarios in which you would normally find a drug dealer.

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What's the origin of Poop dealer?

The beginning of the “poop dealer” adventure started with Reddit user sirepicness666, when he posted a meme featuring a Fortnite character and the catchphrase ‘Hold Up Guys, My Poop Dealer Just Texted’, in january 2019.

It got over 350 points on Reddit.

Spread & Usage

How did Poop dealer spread?

Ever since, the “poop dealer” has been referenced repeatedly on various subreddits, particularly r/okaybuddyretard.

The most popular “poop dealer” shitpost was shared in March the same year by Reddit user aslamjm. It shows a man with a bag of poop asking a cashier whether if they accept poop.

The meme received over 10 000 points.

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