Poop Dealer


What does Poop Dealer mean?

Poop Dealer is precisely what the name suggests – someone who deals in fecal matter. But don’t confuse them with your regular downtown homie dealers; instead of getting high on molly or Jazz Cigarettes, this guy offers excrement at varying prices.

The “Poop Dealer” may even throw in some farts, diarrhea and vomit for good measure (if that’s your thing). However, luckily (or unluckily), these individuals are rare to come across in real life.

But fear not! The internet has given birth to our beloved “Poop Dealer”, often seen lurking around shitposting memes accompanied by witty catchphrases and hypothetical poop rates. These humorous depictions showcase scenarios where one would usually find drug peddlers โ€“ except here we have an amusing twist involving bodily waste products.

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What's the origin of Poop Dealer?

On the 19th of January 2019, a certain Redditor by the name sirepicness666 shared an image featuring a Fortnite character performing what is known as “The Busy Emote” accompanied by text that read: “Hold Up Guys, My Poop Dealer Just Texted.”

The post gained moderate reaction, while in the subsequent months, this particular depiction from Fortnite was replicated in numerous forms across various online platforms.

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How did Poop Dealer spread?

The mention of the “Poop Dealer” has become a recurring topic on numerous subreddits, most notably r/okaybuddyretard and r/gamersriseup.

One particular post that gained significant traction was shared in March by Reddit user aslamjm, featuring an individual clutching onto a bag of feces while posing the question to a cashier about their willingness to accept such payment.

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