Prepare For Trouble, Make It Double


What does Prepare For Trouble, Make It Double mean?

Prepare for trouble, make it double refers to a memorable catchphrase of the villains of the Pokémon series, Team Rocket.

The line is featured in their song, Double Trouble, which is a popular piece of music among fans of the series, capable of rendering any Scottish Pokémon Trainer’s face resembling that of a Surprised Pikachu.

Prepare for trouble… and make it double.


What's the origin of Prepare For Trouble, Make It Double?

Team Rocket and their catchphrase, “Prepare for trouble, make it double” was first featured in the 2nd Episode of Season 1 of Pokémon, which first aired in the United States on September 9th, 1998, under the title “Pokémon Emergency!”.

In the years to come, the catchphrase became well known among fans of Pokémon, as it was later featured in the viral song of Team Rocket, Double Trouble.

Spread & Usage

How did Prepare For Trouble, Make It Double spread?

An early clip of “Prepare for trouble, make it double” was uploaded to YouTube by Birkan Karacalar on September 15th, 2011.

The motto is frequently used on image macro memes, as well as GIFs, on sites like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and 9GAG.

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