What does STFUATTDLAGG mean?

STFUATTDLAGG is a newfound viral internet acronym, signifying Shut The F*** Up And Take That Dick Like A Good Girl”.

The expression quickly turned viral on TikTok in January 2023, often featured on Thirst Trap videos, while later, it became so popular, that it would be featured on other types of content, with a series of made up meanings.

Few months after the meme’s inception, “STFUATTDLAGG” was supplemented with the phrase “Buy me books and tell me to STFUATTDLAGG“, often seen on merchandise, like stickers, mugs, sweaters and T-shirts.

Within half a year, “STFUATTDLAGG” turned from a random acronym on thirst trap TikToks into a popular meme format, carrying a wide array of meanings, while also expressing how much of a Bad Girl you are.


What's the origin of STFUATTDLAGG?

STFU has been a part of internet slang for a long time, dating back to the 2000s, with the earliest Urban Dictionary entry on the expression being written in 2003.

“STFUATTDLAGG” is a derivate of STFU and the first online use of the acronym can be traced back to Twitter user @ChunLiBree, who posted it on January 5th, 2023.

Two days later, on January 7th, TikTok user @mannyj_3 created the first TikTok featuring “STFUATTDLAGG”, highlighting what a great copulating couple he would make for ChunLi, the creator of the expression.

Although the tweet didn’t achieve the state of internet sensation, the TikTok amassed over half a million views within a month, marking the beginning of the “STFUATTDLAGG” trend.

@mannyj_3 #fyp #foryoupage #CapCut #thebest ♬ Flashback – Betrugo

Spread & Usage

How did STFUATTDLAGG spread?

In the months following January 2023, more and more Thirst Trap TikToks began appearing, featuring the “STFUATTDLAGG” caption.

It also spawned several other TikToks, that followed a more humorous approach to the meme, creating faux meanings, combining it with a variation of content.

“STFUATTDLAGG” was also adopted by the BookTok community, who used humorously use it as an obscure acronym, known only by true bookworms and library enjoyers.

The TikToks that feature the expression quickly expanded beyond the constraints of the video sharing site, spreading to other social media platforms, like Instagram and YouTube.

Webshops also swiftly adopted the acronym, promoting their merchandise with the meme, distributing clothing items and many other products with the label “STFUATTDLAGG”.


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