Touch the Cow Do It Now


What does Touch the Cow Do It Now mean?

Touch the Cow, Do It Now is a phrase, appearing in several art illustrations of Cow Girls, a type of furry girls, that possess Fursonas with cow-like traits such as horns, a tail as well as big breasts, usually dressed in a cow-pattern outfit.

The artworks are mostly popular on pages like DeviantArt, Furrafinity and Pixiv. The phenomenon has also inspired various memes and parodies, appearing on sites like Reddit and YouTube.

Touch the Cow. Do it now.


What's the origin of Touch the Cow Do It Now?

The first instance of the phrase “Touch the Cow, Do It Now” appearing on an art work emerged on November 30th, 2014, posted by Matsu-sensei on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

The post depicted a photo of a children’s book with the titular phrase, paired with a drawing of a Cow Girl encouraging a kid to “Touch the Cow”. The post has gained popularity and exposure in the following weeks, spreading among the furry communities online.

Spread & Usage

How did Touch the Cow Do It Now spread?

Over the years, several artworks have been created and posted on pages like DeviantArt, Imgur and Tumblr, also making it to sites like Reddit and even YouTube.

By October 2017, the phenomenon became so popular that the subreddit r/TouchTheCow was created, catering to people interested in women dressed as cattle, boasting some Khazar Milkers.


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