What does Gesugao mean?

Gesugao refers to a popular expression among Otaku or Weeb communities, related to Ahegao.

“Gesugao” literally translating to guess-face is the visage drawn in manga, Doujinshi and even hentai works, to convey an evil aura of the character in question.

Its tools mostly include dark colors like grey or black paired with red, combined with a malicious smirk.

“Gesugao” is the face one imagines to arouse the creators of manga like 177013, 215600 and 228922.



What's the origin of Gesugao?

While the exact origin of the expression is not known, “gesugao” was brought to the attention of a wider audience in 2013, when a video revolving around the phenomenon was uploaded to niconico.

Following this, its prevalence rose significantly in message boards and forums, like the /a/ board of 4chan.

Spread & Usage

How did Gesugao spread?

“Gesugao” was defined on Urban Dictionary on September 5th, 2015.

Since then, the phrase saw features on image macro memes and various other content on sites like Tumblr, FunnyJunk, 4chan and even YouTube.

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