Edward 40 Hands


What does Edward 40 Hands mean?

Edward 40 hands also known as Edward Ciderhands, or Amy Winehands in Britain is a popular drinking game, where each player has to duct-tape 40 ounce bottles of alcohol in their hands.

The tape cannot be removed, until the alcohol is consumed.

“Edward 40 hands” is a reference to the Tim Burton classic, “Edward Scissorhands”.


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What's the origin of Edward 40 Hands?

While the exact origin of drinking games always lies forgotten under the veil of drunken memories, it may be presumed that it wasn’t invented until after 1990, when Edward Scissorhands premiered in cinemas.

The first players of the game recall discovering it around the turn of them millennium, although it cannot be credited to one college, let alone one person.

“Edward 40 hands” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003.

Spread & Usage

How did Edward 40 Hands spread?

Over the years, the game has turned into a popular method of getting turnt, appearing from Britain to the US.

It has been often referenced in pop culture contexts, such as “Workaholics”, “How I Met Your Mother” and “Adam Ruins Everything” just to name a few.

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