What does Eeee mean?

Eeee – not to be confused with Reee – may be used as an acronym, standing for End-user Electrical and Electronic Equipment, though this use is rarely encountered, mostly in normie environments.

We can hear or read “Eeee” as a childish and annoying exclamation, in times when someone is overly excited, so much so that the entirety of the English dictionary isn’t sufficient to express that emotion. It may also refer to a popular interent meme from 2018, displaying Lord Marquaad, along with the caption “E.”

repost of E meme but idfk


What's the origin of Eeee?

The first use of “Eeee” probably lies somewhere in prehistoric times, similarly to “eek” “ouch” or “oof” all applied in situations where the symbolic meaning of sounds are obscure and it is the pure instinct that is giving it out.

The very first Urban Dictionary entry of “Eeee” was uploaded in 2003, though the definition itself is not so helpful.

Several other articles have been added, since, which facilitate the research for everyone, however, the sound hasn’t been a true internet phenomenon until the 2010s.

Spread & Usage

How did Eeee spread?

“Eeee” is widely used on up to this day, though no one knows where it comes from or why do we use this specific sound at all.

What’s certain, that it made a huge impact on us. So much so, that poet Tao Lin even titled his 2007 book “Eeeee Eee Eeee”. It is also highly possible that the exclamation is related to the 2018 meme, “E” featuring Lord Marquaad.

This meme, marking a new age for internet culture became the catalyst for a huge development for “Eeee,” with the expression appearing on image macro memes, reaction GIFs, as well as TikToks and YouTube videos.

External resources

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