What does Reee mean?

Reee is the war cry of a battle hardened memer, and 4chan user, who uses the glorious scream to scare every normie away from the page.

It is similar to an autistic screeching, though it is said to represent the agitated croaks of frogs. The “r” is said to stand for the word repost, to warn users if a meme has been stolen from its plain of creation and uploaded somewhere else.


What's the origin of Reee?

Reee originates from a 2009 YouTube video, uploaded about a frog that is letting out its iconic battle cry to ward of the human handling it. The first time reee was seen on 4chan was in 2014, with a picture of Pepe the Frog.

Spread & Usage

How did Reee spread?

Shortly after the first post, 4chan got filled with posts, featuring Pepe the Frog and people’s voice clips of screeching. After that, a Redditor finally asked the question, why people are doing these screeches, to which people just responded that 4chan users are autistic.

In 2017 a game similar to Flappy Bird got made, featuring a screaming Pepe, who is collecting tendies, though Apple banned the app from its store, calling the frog “objectionable content”.

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