Hot mess


What does Hot mess mean?

Hot mess is a popular slang used for describing a chaotic situation, or even in some cases a person.

An attractive individual can be referred as a “hot mess” if they are disorganized, their thoughts and appearance are untidy, and in general they are an all-over-the-place person.

However, they are still naturally beautiful and their attractiveness is undeniable.

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What's the origin of Hot mess?

The term didn’t always carried the same meaning, for instance, in the 1800s people referred to hot meals that weren’t so appetizing as a “hot mess”.

In school cafeterias a gloopy and disgusting looking meal was definitely a “hot mess”.

In the early 1900s, people already started describing any confusing person and/or disordered situation.

Spread & Usage

How did Hot mess spread?

As the Internet came into the picture, the term got more popular.

The first entry submitted on Urban Dictionary was in the early 2000s, just exactly around the time when the phrase started to spread among the fashion industry.

The term saw a spike in popularity in 2007, when the controversial Project Runway tagline was released named hot tranny mess by Christian Siriano.

Also, the term was again revived in 2009 thanks to the release of the pop band Cobra Starship’s album titled “hot mess”.

In 2013, the famous fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box even made a burger named after the term.

The spicy burger required to have at least a full roll of paper towels, to make sure nobody is going to look like a “hot mess” after finishing the burger.

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