Beta Orbiter


What does Beta Orbiter mean?

The expression beta orbiter reaches back to the terminology of animal hierarchy, especially to that of the wolves, whose pack leader is referred to as the alpha male, while the rest of the males are considered beta, or subservient to the chief.

A beta orbiter is a beta male, who orbits an attractive female, like the Moon orbits our planet… all this, while the said woman is preoccupied with orbiting the alpha male, the textbook Chad.

In conclusion, a beta orbiter is the typical shy guy, the one forever in the friend zone, who is always kept as a plan B, or as a tool for attention.


What's the origin of Beta Orbiter?

The term “Alpha” and “Beta” was present in animal ethology for a long while already, by the 1990’s, when they got adopted into the description of human relations, especially that of men within a group.

Beta orbiter appeared in the 2010’s, probably thanks to the Incel community online, who are known for the love of comparing the alpha Chads and the beta Virgins or Melvins.

Spread & Usage

How did Beta Orbiter spread?

The theme of the alpha and beta has been a prominent one, throughout the 2010’s, as several memes and other kinds of content are about the comparison of these two roles within a hierarchy.

Beta orbiter is an expression from this world, and is one that is widely known, as well as easily understood.

It is an excellent tool to perhaps awakening these beta males to the pathetic and miserable behavior, they indulge in.

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