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What does Boomer juice mean?

The title of Boomer juice is dedicated to the Low Carb and No Sugar Monster, a variation of the popular energy drink sold in a white can with the well known large “m” letter.

Certain other drinks can be called Boomer juice too, but they must be so called “healthy versions” of an already existing drink, meaning that they contain no sugar etc.

However, the Low Carb, No Sugar Monster is the original Boomer juice.

It is called Boomer juice because it is generally drank by the baby boomer generation, also called Boomers.

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What's the origin of Boomer juice?

The Boomer juice originates from one of the Oomer Wojaks. Wojaks are simply drawn meme figures, and the Oomer Wojak series depict Boomers in their usual habitat

One of these images show the Boomer Wojak with the Low Carb, No Sugar Monster next to him.

It was first posted on 4chan may 4th, 2018.

Spread & Usage

How did Boomer juice spread?

Boomer memes and Wojaks are used to make fun of the baby boomer generation, as there has become an online war between the Boomers and the Millenials.

Millenials make fun of the Boomers for drinking Boomer juice, pretending like it is healthy while it actually being nearly just as harmful as any other energy drink.

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2 thoughts on “Boomer juice”

  1. Monster came out in 2002, when boomers were at least 38 years old. Most people I remember seeing drinking that piss were Gen X’ers not boomers but both millenials and chanclowns have a rep of being dumbfux so no surprise they got this wrong too

  2. This definition is incorrect-

    Boomer juice is the drink of “30-year-old Boomers”, which are actually just millennials that ACT like boomers


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