Boomer juice


What does Boomer juice mean?

The moniker of Boomer Juice has been bestowed upon the Low Carb and No Sugar Monster, a unique spin on the ubiquitous energy drink that comes in an unmistakable white can with a bold “M” emblazoned across it.

While there may be other beverages worthy of being dubbed “Boomer Juice”, they must meet certain criteria – namely, they must be deemed as healthy alternatives to pre-existing drinks by containing no sugar or similar additives.

Nevertheless, it is unequivocally clear that the original progenitor of this title belongs solely to none other than our beloved Low Carb and No Sugar Monster.

Why call it such? Well my dear friends (and Boomers), you see this particular concoction tends to appeal most strongly towards those who belong within said generation; hence its fitting name.



What's the origin of Boomer juice?

The genesis of “Boomer Juice” can be traced back to a particular Oomer Wojak comic, an endearing meme character crafted with simplistic strokes. The illustrious series portrays the Baby Boomers in their natural habitat – relatable yet amusingly stereotypical. Among these depictions lie one that features our beloved Oomer Wojak accompanied by none other than his trusty Low Carb, No Sugar Monster sidekick.

This iconic image made its debut on May 4th, 2018 and quickly gained traction within the online community.

Spread & Usage

How did Boomer juice spread?

The online battlefield between the Boomers, Millennials and Zoomers is rife with Boomer memes and Wojaks, cleverly crafted to poke fun at the former generation. The Millennial army takes aim at their opponents’ questionable beverage choices, ridiculing them for sipping on what they call “Boomer juice” – a drink that’s touted as healthy but packs just as much of a punch (and not in a good way) as any other energy booster out there.

Since then, the Boomer character in Wojak comics and animations is always depicted with his most noticable attribute: his white-canned, No Sugar Monster.

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