What does Chonker mean?

Chonker in our contemporary language, infested by internet phenomena is used to refer to fat, domesticated animal companions, especially cats, who look incapable and devoid of their skill, when protected by a massive layer of fat tissue.

Even though this state is extremely unhealthy for both humans and animals, people are feeling attracted to chonker animals, due to their increased “fluffiness”; an illusion created by the large amounts of fat.


What's the origin of Chonker?

In my opinion, the word chonker is a meme deformation of the word “choker” similar to the deformation of the word “stocks” to “stonks” etc.

This idea comes from the fact, that these creatures are burdened with chokers, made of fat, binding them in all areas of their body and life.

The first case of “chonk” came on the internet on a photoshopped body fat index illustration, presenting the severity of the health risk, coming with obesity.

The image’s title had been changed from “BFI Risk Chart” to “CHONK Chart” and had been uploaded to a Facebook group, called THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y in 2018.

Spread & Usage

How did Chonker spread?

The already existing cat and fluffiness obsession of the internet had set the ground for the chonker craze and the term had spread far and wide, again thanks to the meme society.

Images started to surface on Reddit and Facebook, depicting extra chonky cartoon characters, as well as cats.

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