Get Dunked On


What does Get Dunked On mean?

Get dunked on refers to a popular expression, used for humiliating and shaming a defeated opponent.

The expression has little to do with Sportsball, and is more associated with gaming and memes, being featured in their greatest amalgam; Undertale, the game where memes like Omega Flowey Troll Face and Maybe It’s The Way You’re Dressed originate from.


What's the origin of Get Dunked On?

“Get dunked on” was first featured at the end of a Snickers commercial, featuring NBA player Patrick Ewing dunking on a dude eating the candy bar.

Even though the ad sparked a minor interest and a smaller trend in the use of the phrase, it quickly died out and was forgotten.

A slightly more popular precursor to the “Get Dunked On” meme can be linked to a YouTube video, uploaded by internet trvp lord 😀 on October 21st, 2012, with the title pro as heck guide to master yi, where the line Get Dunked is repeatedly featured.

Spread & Usage

How did Get Dunked On spread?

“Get dunked on” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on March 19th, 2012, with several other entries to follow.

However, the moment that truly led to a surge of the meme’s popularity came in 2015, with the release of Undertale.

In a certain playthrough, the player is given the chance to fight Sans and spare him, which results in the foe killing the player.

In this case, instead of the regular Game Over screen, the players is presented with a message, displaying geeettttttt dunked on!!!.

The line has grown iconic among the fandom of the game, leading to its surging popularity in 2016.

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