What does Meanspo mean?

Meanspo is the next level of “thinspo”.

While “thinspo” are assumably inspiring images and quotes featuring slim and fit people with the purpose of encouraging women to lose weight, “meanspo” is the extreme, more damaging version of it.

“Meanspo” doesn’t make you look at fit influencers as motivation to go to the gym.

“Meanspo” purposely forces you to feel bad and lose all confidence in yourself so that you don’t eat.

It is a massive eating disorder trigger.

It includes quotes such as “Nobody wants a fatty”, or whole paragraphs along the lines of “i can’t look at you without feeling nauseous…” etc.

These “inspirational” posts are strongly discouraged by professionals as it works as a strong catalyst for eating disorders and mental illnesses.


What's the origin of Meanspo?

While most young women on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest turn to “thinspo” or “fitspo” to stay gym-motivated and encourage themselves to eat a healthy diet, others found that it wasn’t enough.

That’s how “meanspo” evolved.

It started out as personal “meanspo” Tumblr blogs where users would post long, insulting paragraphs about their bodies for their own use, to stop themselves from grabbing a snack or eating dinner.

When others started following these personal blogs, the idea of “meanspo” spread, damaging the confidence of thousands of young women.

Spread & Usage

How did Meanspo spread?

It’s nothing new that women strive to reach up to unrealistic body and beauty standards.

Pinterest is a social network in the form of an interactive pinboard, and searching for “meanspo” on their site will provide you with thousands of degrading pins.

As the site of origin, Tumblr still obtains the majority of “meanspo” blogs on the internet.

As the concept grew larger, a whole internet page was created called Strictly Meanspo, inspiring women all over the world to stop eating.

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