Omega male


What does Omega male mean?

An Omega male is a man that does not push down other males and attract females with his physical appearance and aggression.

Neither is he like a beta male that is pushed down by an alpha, or hates women that won’t choose him as partner.

The Omega male is an extremely confident man that does not need the confirmation of neither other men or women to know their value. He neither hates or degrades women, and this simple feature results in attracting them.

Omega males set their own goals and claim their own success.


What's the origin of Omega male?

Alpha, beta and omega are greek numbers usually assigned to beings in a type of hierarchy, often a social hierarchy.

As alpha males were first described, followed by the socially inferior beta males, there was need for a third Omega male, which fit into neither the aforementioned, and couldn’t care less about the hierarchy, and isn’t necessarily inferior to the previous two.

Spread & Usage

How did Omega male spread?

Alpha, beta and Omega male are mainly used by men, to describe men.

Some view Omega males as the bottom of the hierarchy, and hence, unfortunate and inferior men.

However, others view them as superior to even Alphas, as they don’t need the confirmation of a pack to be successful.

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