What does Volcel mean?

In correspondence to the principle of polarity, there exists a positive side to a negative.

This is observable in phenomena, like the incel community online, which is a group of hate, misogyny and sexism.

Incel stands for involuntary celibacy to be one is to be fueled by constant sexual frustration, as well as anger and despise toward women.

The opposite of incel is volcel or voluntary celibacy, which is a millennia old practice in several religions, as a way of maintaining self-discipline, as well as nurturing spiritual growth.

Volcels are the Jedi, compared to the evil minden Incels.

Volcel Taiga


What's the origin of Volcel?

The term volcel is the portmanteau of the words voluntary and celibacy and had been created similarly to the word “incel”.

It is hard to trace the origin of the phrase, since it is not as widely used and recognized as incel, but its creation had certainly derived from the spread of the term “incel”.

The first entry that was defining the expression on Urban Dictionary was added in 2007.

Spread & Usage

How did Volcel spread?

As a reaction to the deep hatred of incels, projected onto women on various online platforms, people started to utilize the term volcel, and praise the phenomenon.

Volcel even got its Reddit thread in 2016 and had seen more and more use.

In 2019, a meme started to circulate, comparing the “Virgin Incel to the Chad Volcel”.

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