Yeetus Deletus


What does Yeetus Deletus mean?

Yeetus Deletus is a phrase of a combination of ‘yeet’ and ‘delete’.

It is a spell that can be used to delete someone’s “yeet” immediately.

People also use it when a person is annoying them and just want to be left alone.

It is more of a superior expression than just a regular “yeet”. People use the expression “Yeetus Deletus The Fetus” to refer to an abortion as well.


What's the origin of Yeetus Deletus?

The origin of the term “Yeetus Deletus” comes from the term “Yeet” which had been in use since 2004.

“Yeet” had been featured several times in memes, and the popular vine video of a girl yelling “yeet” while throwing an empty soda can into the crowd.

“Yeetus Deletus” got more recognition later on, when people started using it as a more of an exclamation of excitement and/or power than “yeet”.

It has the word delete in it, which basically eradicates the simple “yeet”.

Spread & Usage

How did Yeetus Deletus spread?

There are multiple viral videos that featured the expression, therefore that’s how it got more and more popular over the years.

On places such as Reddit and Youtube, there are various kinds of memes and compilations of memes featuring the saying.

Urban Dictionary’s first entry for “Yeetus Deletus” was written only in 2018. It is more like a saying of the new generation.

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