What does Zaddy mean?

The term zaddy is slang used to describe a handsome (physically attractive), intelligent, fashionable, wealthy, and confident man who’s said to be a level or more above being a daddy, which is used in a similar way when talking about a guy.


What's the origin of Zaddy?

The term zaddy originates from the website Urban Dictionary where it was defined by a user in 2008 as a slang term of a very handsome guy who is very fashionable.

This person has to have swag sex appeal and look attractive.

Since the definition was submitted to the site, it has received more than 3500 upvotes as of 2020.

Spread & Usage

How did Zaddy spread?

The term zaddy started to rise in popularity thanks to women users of the social media website twitter and other social sites like Facebook, where they started to refer to desirable men as zaddies.

Since it was defined on the website Urban Dictionary it has prompted American rapper Ty Dolla $ign to make a song called zaddy in 2016, which has received a video clip 5 days later after its release.

Later on the official Kimoji Instagram page, which is selling a Kim Kardashian-branded merchandise released a father’s day item called a zaddy hat, which has appeared in a an Instagram photo of a Kardashian wearing the hat.

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