What does Adorkable mean?

Adorkable is a portmanteau of the words adorable and dork, essentially creating an ambivalent expression mixed with likability, cuteness and a healthy chunk of clumsiness and incapability, creating a lovable, but slightly awkward composite.

Several beloved pop culture characters are considered to be “adorkable” including Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island video game series, as well as Milo Thatch from the legendary Disney animation Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


What's the origin of Adorkable?

This amazingly satisfying combination of terms had been created sometime in the beginning of this beautiful millennium, though there is no concrete reference to who and where it originates from.

The first time “adorkable” was cited on Urban Dictionary was in 2003, with a literal plethora of other entries written on the term since then.

Spread & Usage

How did Adorkable spread?

People can truly appreciate “adorkable” characters, because they are not seemingly divine and perfect in every sense, but rather have their own faults, making them a lot more appreciable in the eyes of many.

Deep down every person has a nerdy side, making everyone at least a bit “adorkable” and this is the biggest reason, that the term is spreading like wildfire.

On Aug 31st, 2020, one may encounter the expression on all kinds of platforms, from social media, to real life conversations to even a modern day dictionary, that cites the term.

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