Catch You On The Flip Side


What does Catch You On The Flip Side mean?

Catch you on the flip side is a slang expression. It is a way of saying “goodbye” or “see you later”, with an implication that the two of you will meet again, but neither of you is sure exactly when that will happen.

In addition, if someone says it as they are about to do something dangerous, they are possibly implying that if they die, they’ll see you in the afterlife.


What's the origin of Catch You On The Flip Side?

Originally, “flip side” refers to the B-side of a phonograph record, usually containing the less popular record from the disc. Although, “flip side” can also refer to an individual’s darker, hidden personal side.

Catch you on the flip side as an independent expression developed in the 1970s, when radio DJs often say something like “and now on the flip side” before switching to the lesser-known side of the disc.

Spread & Usage

How did Catch You On The Flip Side spread?

One early instance of catch you on the flip side being included in writing appears in the 1976 document The Roadrunner, published by the Wyoming Highway Department.

The catchphrase was featured in a scene of the 1999 action thriller movie The Boondock Saints. The scene has later become a reaction meme online.

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