In My Bag


What does In My Bag mean?

In my bag is an expression, that can be understood in various ways, due to its morphing meaning throughout its history, with the most popular one referring to a flow state, where “I’m in my bag” means I’m completely lost in what I’m doing.

“In my bag” may also mean, however, that something is as good as mine.


What's the origin of In My Bag?

Although the origin of the expression “In my bag” is debated, the first case of the phrase can be traced back to the 1800’s Australia and New Zealand, where “In the bag” meant that something was set to lose.

The American version, with the opposite meaning comes from the 1910’s, where the New York Giants were having their 26th consecutive victory in 1916, holding up their tradition of a player carrying a bag away toward the end of the game, signifying, that the game is “In their bag” and cannot be lost.

Spread & Usage

How did In My Bag spread?

Throughout the rest of the 20th century, many other meanings emerged for the phrase “In my bag”, such as being in a bad mood, as well as the currently popular and widely recognized “I’m in a flow state”.

The expression was first defined on Urban Dictionary on May 18th, 2008, with countless other entries following in the subsequent years.

The popularity of “In my bag” was further boosted by the song of Justine Skye with the same title, released in August 2021.

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