What does Spectrophilia mean?

Spectrophilia is the paraphilia that invokes sexual arousal and attraction toward the non-perceivable; ghosts or spirits.

While a “spetrophile” is unable to physically indulge in his or her sexual fetish, they are quite able and inclined to fantasize about either performing or observing coitus involving a spirit.


What's the origin of Spectrophilia?

 “Spectrophilia” had been part of human history for eons, as is proven by the evidence in folklore. Cultures have stories and tales of spirits or specters having sexual relationships with humans ranging from Celtic folklore to Greek myths to Arabian and Hindu legends.

Perhaps the most prevalent mythical creature in Western culture is the succubus and incubus duo, that are evil female and male spirits, coming from the abyss to impregnate unsuspecting dreamers.

The term “spetrophilia” is comprised of the Latin word spectrum meaning appearance or image and the Greek word –philia which means liking or love toward something.

Spread & Usage

How did Spectrophilia spread?

The ethereal had always amazed and invoked an interest in people, so it is no wonder, some people feel a lustful desire to delve deeper into this world.

From the tales of ancient times to modern stories about ghosts and spirits, episodes of sexuality are scattered around even in popular culture; from Ghostbusters to the show of Travel Channel called Ghostly Lovers.

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