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What does Ride or Die mean?

Ride or Die is a slang expression for people who are faithful, loyal and trustworthy in relationships, meaning they would either ride with each other till death. The expression refers to a deep bond or unwavering support in relationships, friendships, or⁢ even with objects or ideas. The term‍ originated from the world of street culture⁢ and ⁣has ​since found its way into everyday language.

The phrase is a reference to a “Bonnie and Clyde” type of relationship, where partners stay and work together against all odds. It is often used to describe women, who are willing to stick out for their partners. Archetypal “Ride or Die” chicks are Asian Baby Girls and Snow Bunnies.

Example: Imagine you and your best‌ friend are about‍ to pull off an epic ‍prank. ​When things start‍ to go awry,​ instead ⁤of‌ running for ⁣cover, you ‌both face the consequences‍ together, regardless⁤ of the outcome. You would be considered each other’s “Ride or ‍Die”⁤ because you have each⁣ other’s back, regardless of the ​circumstances.

ride or die


What's the origin of Ride or Die?

“Ride or Die” originates from the United States, first appearing in the 1950s biker culture, although at the time, the expression was used in a different sense. It originally reflected on the fact, that if a biker couldn’t ride, he’d rather die.

Over the years, however, the meaning of “Ride or Die” changed to its current form. By the end of the 20th century, it already expressed the the overwhelming loyalty one might feel.

“Ride or Die” was adopted by African American communities as well at the end of the century, incorporating the expression into hip-hop culture, which in turn made it more popular.

Spread & Usage

How did Ride or Die spread?

Thanks to the influence of hip-hop culture and⁢ its pervasive nature, ‍the phrase ⁣”Ride⁢ or Die”​ quickly caught on and transcended its original ‍context. Today, it is commonly used in ‍various informal settings, including conversations among friends, social media posts, song lyrics, and ⁢even tattoos. Its message of ​unwavering loyalty enjoys⁤ universal appeal and has become a recognizable phrase across ⁣diverse communities.

As the term found its ‌way into ‌popular culture, it has also ‌been portrayed in popular movies, television‌ shows, and music videos. Artists‍ such as Ice Cube, The Lox, and‌ Jay-Z have referenced ‌”Ride or ⁣Die” in their songs, further cementing its place​ in ‌the entertainment‌ industry and popular culture.

One of the earlier songs that spread the concept was Ride or Die” from Baby Gangsta, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne, released in 1997.

Today, “Ride or Die” may be encountered in a wide variety of settings, both on- and offline, including movies, series, memes, as well as music. “Ride or Die” is an iconic expression of unwavering loyalty.

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