Saturdays are for the boys


What does Saturdays are for the boys mean?

“Saturdays are for the boys” is a popular catchphrase, and meme, coming from the sports themed humor blog; Barstool Sports.

After it got viral on the web, it became a hashtag, symbolizing the bound between all the members of the male sex, as well as the day of the week, when all men turn into Frat Boys.



What's the origin of Saturdays are for the boys?

The phenomenon started on June 11th, 2016, with a tweet from a writer of Barstool Sports, Feitelberg, where he quoted “some old guy”.

The quoted phrase was “Fridays are for the men, Saturdays are for the boys.”

Although Feitelberg admitted to not getting the meaning of the phrase, his enthusiasm was shared by everyone else on Twitter, which enabled the quote to spread across the web rapidly.

Spread & Usage

How did Saturdays are for the boys spread?

Following the tweet, Barstool readers have created GIFs that properly represent the quoted philosophy.

Not even a week past the original tweet, Barstool Sports published an article about “Saturdays are for the boys” and everything it stands for.

The expression became a sensation, as men all over the world were embracing it with videos and clips, depicting drunken debauchery and heartfelt hedonism.

“Saturdays are for the boys” have conquered every major social media site via the hashtags that are calling other men into the brotherhood.

Sports people, such as Michael Phelps and Noah Syndegaard have also joined the representatives of the phrase, starting a trend of famous men merrily exclaiming the catchphrase.

Barstool had made the expression a part of their brand, by selling t-shirts quoting it, as well as in 2017, filming a bunch of athletes, saying the phrase, which led to the peak popularity of “Saturdays are for the boys”.

Despite this, the line is still prevalent online, appearing on comics, including an exploitable version of the Couple Texting format, with the captions “Sorry babe, Saturdays are for the boy”.

Since the catchphrase had turned viral, everyone knowns why Saturday is the best day of the week: because it’s not Wednesday.

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