What does PainsChamp mean?

PainsChamp is a Gootecks based emote, depicting the internet personae with a painful expression on his face.

It may be said that the emote itself is a derivate of the original PogChamp emote, though the pictures used are different. Nevertheless, it has been aiding in the spread of this emote.

PainsChamp is used in the chat section to express grief, sorrow and of course pain, inflicted by others through bad news or insults. Alternatively, it is widely utilized in a sarcastic manner.



What's the origin of PainsChamp?

PainsChamp had been uploaded to the libraries of the two major Twitch TV extensions; Better TTV and FrankerFaceZ by users nedddus on the latter in 2018, and Sin_4000 on the former in 2020.

Spread & Usage

How did PainsChamp spread?

Its widespread use is yet to come, though it may be recognized, since the emote is depicting one of the major forms of Twitch streaming and emotes.

As of 2020 it has been utilized in over 3000 sets.

It has been the subject of discussion on a Reddit thread as well, with the title “Petition to remove WeirdChamp & PainsChamp and / or haHAA

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