What does Consoomer mean?

Consoomer refers to a popular mocking meme depiction of people whose entire personality is based around consuming products.

The name of the meme is constructed in the same manner as Coomer, Zoomer, Boomer or Doomer, all depicting a caricaturized picture of our society’s archetypes.


What's the origin of Consoomer?

The trend began online initially under the catchphrase Consume Product which was first featured in a podcast, shared by RedLetterMedia on YouTube on October 16th, 2018, under the title “The Nerd Crew: Franchise Movie News!!!”.

During the podcast, one of the hosts say the line “Don’t ask questions, just consume product and then get excited for next products.” which became a fashionable copypasta on 4chan and Twitter.

The term consoome was first defined on Urban Dictionary on December 12th, 2018.

Spread & Usage

How did Consoomer spread?

“Consoomer” first appeared on 4chan’s /pol/ board in September 2019, when a user shared an image macro, depicting a Wojak character, named “21st Century Consoomer” describing his personality as centered around consumption.

The beginning of 2020 saw the spread of the meme on various social media platforms such as Twitter, 4chan, Reddit’s r/ConsumeProduct sub, as well as iFunny.

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