What does Homelander mean?

Homelander is the protagonist and antagonist in the Amazon series The Boys.” He is a dark variation of Superman, endowed with similar strengths and capabilities, but also psychologically disturbed and wicked. Antony Starr‘s performances and expressions as Homelander in the TV series have been turned into popular image macro and video memes, including Stressed Homelander and Homelander Gets Applause.

Online, his character is embraced by a wide range of communities, with an appeal of toxic masculinity, especailly the Incel community, who also love characters like Joker from the Gamers Unite meme, as well as Chad or Gigachad.

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What's the origin of Homelander?

Homelander comes from “The Boys comic book and TV series, serving as the main antagonist and central character of the story. The comic series launched in 2006, slowly gaining followers over the years.

“The Boys” subreddit was lauched by the fandom in 2011, increasing the series’ presence online, as it was gaining more and more populaity.

The Amazon series was lauched in 2019, introducing Antony Starr as Homelander, who became a beloved character of fans, inspiring countless memes over the years.

Spread & Usage

How did Homelander spread?

Memes about Homelander‘s unhinged personality began surfacing online as early as summer of 2019, shortly after the launch of “The Boys” on Amazon.

A popular example of these early memes is the Homelander Smiling meme, where the character is saying I can do whatever the f*** I want,” accompanied by a strange smile. This scene was later turned into a popular exploitable meme, as well as a phrasal template.

Newer memes began swarming the internet in July 2022, as Season 3 of the series was gaining traction. Memes like Stressed Homelander and Homelander Gets Applause come from this season, appearing online both as image macros, as well as reaction GIFs and videos.

All in all, Homelander is an iconic character, that has turned into a veritable pop culture and internet sensation, appearing on sites like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

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