What does Kekistan mean?

Kekistan refers to a fictional state, created by 4chan users on the /pol/ board.

People associating with “Kekistan” are reverent of the Egyptian deity of chaos, Top Kek and worship him by sharing Shitposts, often including Pepe the Frog, a central character of Kekistani lore.

The sacred chants of “Kekistan” include the classical Autistic Screeching, Reeee as well as Reee.

The national anthem of the country is Shadilay from the Italian band P.E.P.E.

4K Kekistan Flag


What's the origin of Kekistan?

The concept of “Kekistan” has been around on 4chan since at least 2015, with users labeling fictional places as such.

“Kekistan” as a nation was first conceived in a /pol/ thread in December 2016, when users were discussing buying an island on the Caribbean and on it, establishing the sovereign state of “Kekistan”.

This, however, never came to pass.

Spread & Usage

How did Kekistan spread?

The @RepublicOfKek Twitter page was launched on January 30th, 2017, following the tweets of YouTuber @Sargon_Of_Akkad who claimed Kekistani as a proper ethnicity, consisting of a “dispossessed people”.

Memes about “Kekistan” would remain rampant online throughout the years, appearing on sites like 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram.

“Kekistan” grew to be a controversial topic, as more and more radical views, such as Clown World would be associated with the trope.

This controversy reached its pinnacle in November 2018, when Gregory Ramos, a matricide was shown to be displaying the Kekistani flag as his cover picture on Facebook.

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