What does Smexy mean?

The word Smexy is the combination of the word ‘smart’ and ‘sexy’. It refers to a person who has the brains and also is beautiful.

“Smexy” may not necessarily imply the smartness of a person, but it can mean that they are sexy in a more nerdy, dorky way.

It can also be a goofy way of calling someone just sexy.

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What's the origin of Smexy?

One of the earliest appearances of the term was in a fanfiction story from 1997, where two characters are having some “Smexy time” together. But here it only appears to be a funny way to say ‘sexy’.

Since then, the word conquered the world of comic books and animes.

Spread & Usage

How did Smexy spread?

The term started to spread all over online fan forums, as well as in animes and video games.

The first entry of the term entered on Urban Dictionary in 2004 and since then more and more were written. It appeared on the social media site, Twitter as well, around 2008.

There has been a comedic song released on Youtube in 2014 featuring the slang “Smexy”, called “The Smexy song”, which now has over 5500 views.

And for one instance of the term, Smexy Books launched in 2010. It contains romentic novels which are both sexy and smart.

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