Smug Hat Kid


What does Smug Hat Kid mean?

Smug hat kid (also known as Smug dancing) is an emote dance meme and a YouTube trend that refers to the fictional character Hat Kid from the video game called A Hat in Time.

The meme generally appears on the internet in the form of GIFs or video edits featuring epic or funny moments.

The latter type is usually accompanied by upbeat dance music and sometimes marks spoilers ahead.

Smug Hat Kid


What's the origin of Smug Hat Kid?

The original green screen video version of the emote dance was inspired by a YouTube clip called “No one’s around to help”, another YouTube video from 2017 that featured an emote dance from video game Animal Crossing.

“A Hat in Time OST [Seal the Deal] – Peace and Tranquility” – is the title of the video that was uploaded in 2018, and which laid down the foundations of the smug hat kid meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Smug Hat Kid spread?

Just a few days after the origin clip was uploaded on YouTube, users started to utilize the format by editing Hat Kid’s dance on various clips and compiling them.

Later a green-screen version of the emote also got uploaded on the site because of the pressing demand of the trend.

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