Grand Rising


What does Grand Rising mean?

The term Grand Rising has emerged as a fresh and unconventional greeting, particularly among spiritual circles. It serves as an alternative to the conventional good morning salutation that we are all accustomed to.

Although it may appear revolutionary at first glance, similar in tone with phrases like Gamers Rise Up; its actual meaning is rooted in celebrating the optimistic aspects of waking up early and starting your day on a positive note – much like rejoicing when you finally wake up after being nudged by someone saying Hey You, You’re Finally Awake.”


What's the origin of Grand Rising?

Although the true genesis of “Grand Rising” as a morning salutation remains shrouded in mystery, it gained traction within spiritual and alternative circles throughout the 2010s. The phrase emerged to challenge the somber connotations shared between “Good Morning” and “Good Mourning”. It is also similar to the language reform of Rastafarian people, who changed expressions like “understand” to more positive terms, like “overstand.”

The year 2020 saw an uptick in Google searches for “Grand Rising”, with more individuals adopting this uplifting greeting during such trying times amidst a global pandemic.

In fact, despite these dark circumstances, many people embraced this expression wholeheartedly – passing what we like to call “the Vibe check.”

On August 31st, 2020, The Queen Po uploaded an enlightening YouTube video that delved into the origins behind this unique way of saying hello.

Spread & Usage

How did Grand Rising spread?

In the year 2020 and 2021, “Grand Rising” has made its way across various online platforms. This phrase can be found on a plethora of content types such as motivational image macros, humorous memes, and animated GIFs – particularly popular sites like Twitter, iFunny, and Imgur have seen an influx of this greeting.

Interestingly enough though it may seem new to some folks out there; “Grand Rising” was officially defined in Urban Dictionary just recently on October 14th 2021!

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